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About the conference

The Time of Museums is Coming

Nearly 350 people (including guests from Germany, France, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain, Spain and Italy) took part in the 'Time of Museums - Meet Living History' conference organised by the Tourist Marketing Office of the Krakow City Hall. The event, part of the 'Museum product in selected cities of the world - promotion of museum routes in Europe' project, was officially inaugurated on Friday (17th September) at 10 am at the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre.
The main objective of the project was to promote museum routes existing in the Krakow Metropolitan Area and the development of cultural and business tourism in Krakow. 92 museum representatives, 42 tour operators, 27 representatives of higher education institutions, 27 journalists and 22 meeting planners had confirmed their participation in the conference.

The participants had a chance to familiarise themselves with what Krakow museums have to offer, both in theory and in practice. Guests arrived in Krakow on Thursday (16th September); lectures and panels took place on Friday (17th September). The lectures on tourist attractions in Malopolska and Krakow and on the methods of promoting museums in Turin, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Lviv or Cordoba were delivered on Friday, as well. Guests visited Krakow museums.

On Saturday (18th September), discussion panels were held in certain Krakow museums. Their central topic was what Krakow museums can offer to tourist operators and methods of presenting and promoting museum collections, with examples from Krakow and the cities participating in the conference. The panels were organised at the Krakow Historical Museum (at Pałac Krzysztofory), at Oskar Schindler's 'Emalia' factory (branch of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow), at the National Museum in Krakow (main building) and at the City Engineering Museum.

All undertakings which are part of the 'Museum product in selected cities of the world - promotion of museum routes in Europe' project were aimed at presenting the quality of Krakow's museum route in the wider context of the tourist attractiveness of the region, and providing exhaustive information regarding the potential of museum routes in terms of cultural and business tourism to entities operating on the tourist services market and shaping global tourism trends.

Presentations in ten European cities (Paris, Bratislava, London, Berlin, Vienna, Turin, Stockholm, Brussels, Cordoba, Prague) had already been made. Brochures presenting Krakow museums' offer (six thematic routes: 'Krakow Museum Hits', 'The Art of the Young Poland Movement', 'The Route of Science and Knowledge', 'The Route of Jewish Culture', 'Life in the Past', 'Malopolska Castles'), and a brochure about the project containing a map of the museums ('Museums - the Meetings Offer', in both printed and electronic forms) had been prepared. A website for the project has also been launched (, and an advertising campaign for Krakow's museum routes has also been carried out in foreign media (Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Spain, Germany, Slovakia, Sweden, Great Britain).

The 'Museum product in selected cities of the world - promotion of museum routes in Europe' project, realised by Krakow City Hall received funding under the Malopolska Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 (MROP) in the amount of PLN 1,040,250, and a contribution from Krakow City Hall amounted to PLN 646,750, which means that the total cost of the project was PLN 1,687,000.

Project participants included over 20 museums located in Krakow, Wieliczka, Niepołomice and Pieskowa Skała. Honorary patronage was taken by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the Minister of Sport and Tourism, the President of the Polish Tourism Organisation, the President of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO/OMT) and the European Travel Commission (ETC).

Media sponsors of the 'Time of Museums - Meet Living History' conference were: TVP Krakow, Radio Krakow, Dziennik Polski, Gazeta Antykwaryczna, International News Media Association (INMA), MICE Poland, Dwutygodnik Miejski KRAKOW.PL and Portal Magiczny Kraków ( (KF)
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The following Project is cofinanced by the European Union under the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme for the years 2007 – 2013