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Advertising campaign

Homo CRACOVIENSIS - meet living history
Key Visual is based on commonly cognoscible in Western culture visual model of presenting the evolution of men.The characters are set one after another and made out as put on a time line from the oldest to modern one. That i show we communicate the continous history of Krakow reaching yore centuries, history that is still rolling, thus it is in this place, Krakow - "alive''.

Museum routes
Key Visual is constructed in reference to six museum routes, that comprise to museum offer directed to business/cultural tourist. Each of the routes symbolise one of the characters from the model of "evolution'' of Krakow's history-they constitute of Visual patronage of next router,which makes it easier to distinguish and Communications, also independent from themselves. The characters were matched in case of specific particular routes. The modern charakter is an inhabitant of Krakow close to destination group-byword of "living history''

Offer name
The name of complete museum offer "Homo Cracoviensis'' directly established to a model of the visual presentation of the evolution of men, escorted by exact latin names of the next anthropoids.
It symultaneously emphasise that "Krakow's men'' is special through his history documented in museums-worth distinction.

Supplemental password of the museum offer ''meet living history" encouraging to take adventage of museum offer, communicate simultaneously its uniqueness-it is settled in lively, hisotorical town, it is still developing and shaping. We thus assert this,what is Krakow museum offer is unique, so harvests concerned exactly the history of Krakow.


Visualization - Business Advertising


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  • Program regionalny
  • województwo maloposkie
  • Unia Europejska
The following Project is cofinanced by the European Union under the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme for the years 2007 – 2013