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About the Project

In 2009, in an initiative to promote the Malopolska region, the Krakow City Commune prepared the implementation of a "Museum product in selected cities around the world - promotion of museum routes in Europe".
The project is intended to serve European travellers, whose visits to Krakow for culture or business provide an opportunity and a reason to learn more about its cultural heritage. It has also been created to address the needs of participants of symposiums and conferences who seek to make use of unique interiors and spaces, as well as to plan enjoyable activities for their free time in the city.

For the duration of the program, January to December 2010, the City of Krakow has planned its specific products so as to best satisfy the expectations of the various potential recipients, including organisers and participants of events as well as tour operators and tourists. The museum offer will be presented in the form of 6 routes, each unified by a theme – "Hits of Krakow Museums", "Art of the Young Poland Movement", "Route of Science and Knowledge", "Route of Jewish Culture", "Life in Ancient Times", "Castles in Małopolska" and a special museum package for business tourism. The authors of the project intend to carry out a variety of activities devoted to these routes, such as a conference, presentations, media advertising and publications. In addition, multimedia presentations will be given in 10 European cities, including Paris, London, Berlin, Prague and Cordoba, where the collections of art from Krakow’s museums will be presented.
  • Program regionalny
  • województwo maloposkie
  • Unia Europejska
The following Project is cofinanced by the European Union under the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme for the years 2007 – 2013