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Galicia Jewish Museum - programme of events - August 2012

Temporary exhibitions:
21×21 - The Contemporary Jewish Community of Kraków
The 21×21 exhibition profiles 21 Jewish men and women in contemporary Kraków. In the pictures we see the small, but diverse and revitalizing community. Each of the exhibition's subjects is shown in two ways - in a formal portrait and in more action-oriented shots.

The diptych format allows us to examine each person presented whilst getting to know them better through glimpses of their daily life or favourite things. The 21×21 exhibition was prepared by the Galicia Jewish Museum and the Jewish Community Centre (JCC). The photographer is Bartolomeo Koczenasz.
Wherever I go, I'm always going to Jerusalem...
Exhibit of the winners of the national student art competition Inspired by Jewish Culture implemented by the School of Fine Arts in Czestochowa in 2004. The aim of this project is to provide young people  with an image of Jerusalem that symbolizes human aspirations as well as an opportunity to depict the "spirit of Jerusalem" that is inside each of us. The history of Jerusalem, as a kind of axis mundi, is the inspiration for many works of art and literature.

Every Friday, 19:30

Kabbalat Shabbat
Join Beit Krakow, the local Progressive Jewish community, for Kabbalat Shabbat services held at the Galicia Jewish Museum and led by Rabbi Tanya Segal.

See for the latest service details and for information about Beit activities.

Every Sunday, 19.00

Concert: DiGalitzyaner Klezmorim
The band Di Galitzyaner Klezmorim's compositions are based on traditional klezmer music, bringing out elements they find most important to give their work its unique character.

Tickets: 50 PLN (general), 40 PLN (discounted)

Week of 06-10.08.2012

Graffiti Week at the Galicia Jewish Museum
During this week, you will have the chance to see some of Kraków's best graffiti artists and street artists in action. A select group of artists whose works are inspired by Jewish culture or draw on Jewish themes will be shown in the Museum.

For more information see:

Friday, 10.08.12, 20.00

Hip-Hop Night
The Graffiti Week's crowning event will be a concert presenting many of the most important elements of hip-hop culture: MCs, DJs, beatbox, graffiti and break dance combined with live visuals. The artists will bring together elements of instrumental hip-hop and Klezmer music, spiced with the sounds of an Indian sitar.

Performers include:
Thomson (PRO) - mc, producer
Piotr Krakowski - sitar
Piotr Skupniewicz - clarinet
DJ Phreneticus - scratch
BUA (PRO) - beatbox
VJ Kabzel - visuals

Sunday, 12 and 26.08.2012, 15.00

Free guided tours around Krakow:
12.08.2012 at 15:00 - The Free Royal Town of Podgórze
Together we will discover the most important monuments of that part of Krakow located on the right bank of the Vistula. We will see those buildings which serve religious as well as civil purposes; the ones that are well known and the ones which are rarely visited. Start: Galicia Jewish Museum, Dajwór 18.

26.08.2012 at 15:00 - Krakow during the German Occupation
A story of daily life during difficult times and about different forms of resistance against the occupation authorities. Start: Galicia Jewish Museum, Dajwór 18.

In Polish, admission free

Friday, 31.08.2012

Museum After Dark
On the last Friday of every month, the Galicia Jewish Museum is open until 22.00. Exhibitions, the Media Resource Centre and bookshop open all evening.     

18.00-22.00 - admission free
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