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Parallel worlds

Parallel, but also reciprocal. What joins such worlds of imagination which by all appearances do not meet at all?
Their element is art, yet they are each a one-man universe. “Parallel Worlds” are seemingly distant, yet manage to cross over, come near, and pass through… With such strength working on the imagination, they provoke associations, they awaken emotions, furthermore asking questions – what do we see?; how do we see it?; how to discover similarities in order to see the difference?; what are we able to read, decipher, understand?

Only fresh glimpses, which are not marked by routine, allow for the free movement into and then in between these worlds, discovering their distinctive characters and individualities. Such a journey is a meeting, a new attempt to understand oneself and others – different, foreign and unknown.

11th May - 28 October 2012 Kazimierz, Former City Hall, Plac Wolnica 1
During the opening of the exhibition "Parallel worlds" (11th May - 28th October) the pricelist for the permanent exhibition has been changed.

Regular ticket - 11.00 PLN
Discounted ticket - 7.00 PLN Sundays - 2.00 PLN
  • Program regionalny
  • województwo maloposkie
  • Unia Europejska
The following Project is cofinanced by the European Union under the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme for the years 2007 – 2013