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Galicia Jewish Museum - programme of events – March 2012

Every Friday, 19:00

Kabbalat Shabbat

Join Beit Krakow, the local Progressive Jewish community, for Kabbalat Shabbat services held at the Galicia Jewish Museum and led by Rabbi Tanya Segal.

See for the latest service details and for information about Beit activities.
Every Saturday, 19.00

Concert: DiGalitzyaner Klezmorim

The band Di Galitzyaner Klezmorim's compositions are based on traditional klezmer music, bringing out elements they find most important to give their work its unique character. The poetic, melancholy melodies are intertwined with passion, ecstasy and spontaneity, creating a space filled with a wide range of colours and emotions. The band's repertoire includes compositions based on old klezmer melodies as well as original works. 

Mariola Śpiewak- clarinet, Grzegorz Śpiewak- accordion, Rafał Seweryniak- double bass

Tickets: 50 PLN (general), 40 PLN (discounted)

Saturday, 03.03.2012

The Anniversary of the Establishment of the Kraków Ghetto

On 3 March 1941Otto Wachter, the governor of the Kraków district issued a decree to establish a ghetto for Jews in Kraków. The ghetto, which was located in the Podgórze area, covered about 30 hz and was bordered by the Vistula River, Rynek Podgórski, the Krzemionki Hills and the railway tracks to Kraków-Płaszów. The closure of the ghetto was planned for 21 March 1941. About 18,000 Jews from Krakow were forced to move into the ghetto. Few of them survived the war.

We remember the anniversary of these events and would like to remind others of it too.

More information is available on our website and on Facebook.

Saturday, 03.03.2012, 11.00

The Ghetto in the memoirs

A walk through the area of the former closed district accompanied by a tour guide. This is in cooperation with the 'The Art of Photography Workshop'.

We begin in the Galicia Jewish Museum.

In Polish, admission free

Saturday, 03.03.2012, 17:00

Childhood behind the Ghetto Walls - the Situation of Children in the Kraków Ghetto

When the Nazis created the so-called "Jewish residential district", over 18,000 Jews from Krakow and the surrounding area were resettled into it. This number included many children, very few of whom survived the war. Some of those child survivors later wrote about their experiences in the ghetto, providing important testimonies about those times and giving us a chance to see the Kraków Ghetto through the eyes of its youngest inhabitants. 

Part of the Museum Means More project. 

In Polish,admission free. 

Saturday, 03.03.2012, 18.30

Walls that split, walls that bind - the finale of a poetry contest commemorating the 71st anniversary of the establishment of the Kraków Ghetto

The contest is co-organized by website and Galicia Jewish Museum. Winning poems will be displayed on walls at Bracka Street and on the Nowy Place.

More information on the contest is available on, on our website and on Facebook.

Sunday, 04.03.2012, 10:30

Family Sunday

Become an actor and take part in a Purim-Shpil!

For the occasion of the Jewish holiday 'Purim', children and adults dress up in fancy dress and act out scenes from the Book of Esther. Discover the story of Queen Esther, her uncle Mordechai, and Haman the villain. With the help of professional actress Agnieszka Bała you can play the part of one of the heroes, stand on the stage and... perform! Theatre workshop for children and their parents - for those who always dreamt of becoming actors and are keen to make it happen!

Family Sunday is part of the Museum Means More programme, financed by the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund.

In Polish,for children of all ages

A family ticket is 5 PLN

Thursday, 08.03.2012, 17.00

Paths of Jewish women of Cracow. Meeting with the authors of Cracow Women Route - guide to Cracow's Suffragists

We'd like to invite you to a meeting about Jewish characters of third volume of book: "Cracow Women Route - guide to Cracow's Suffragists" released by Women's Space Foundation (Fundacja Przestrzeń Kobiet). The stories of Halina Nelken, Amalia Krieger, Róża Rock and Stella Landy-Feldhorn will be told by the authors and publishers of the guide. "Guide to Cracow's Suffragists" reminds us about achievements and tells stories of less famous and forgotten women of Cracow, both Jewish and Polish.

In Polish, admission free

Admission is free to all women visiting the Museum on this day!

Saturday, 10.03.2012, 11.00

Saturday Mornings in the Museum

'Purim' is the most joyful holiday in the Jewish tradition. There are many joyous rituals to be performed such as giving sweet presents to family and friends, helping the poor and generally celebrating the festival. Discover more about 'Purim' customs and join in with our wonderful entertainment!

Saturday Mornings in the Museum are part of the Museum Means More programme, financed by the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund.

In Polish, for children 7 - 12 years of age.

A family ticket is 5 PLN

Tuesday, 13.03.2012, 17.00

Musical performance Remembering Shtetl

Dermonung means "remembering" in Yiddish. This can come to mean remembering painful history, or the words of the Kaddish prayer, but above all, remembering the rich Jewish tradition and cultural co-existence that has lasted for centuries. This musical performance, Remembering the Shtetl, recalls the lost world of a Polish town - a Jewish shtetl where Yiddish is woven together with Polish, and the Hasidic nigun with a shepherd's voice. To show the multiculturalism of the old shtetl, the artists get inspiration from the Jewish, Polish and Ukrainian traditions, they perform Jewish ceremonial songs in Armenian and Hebrew, and folk songs in Yiddish, Polish and Russian.

Mendy CahanIzrael - singing, dancing

Olga Mieleszczuk - singing, accordion

Admission free

Saturday, 24.03.2012, 11.00

Saturday mornings in the Museum

Spring is approaching: why not lose weight, run around and have fun outdoors? Come and discover the sporty side of life in Kazimierz. Find out who it was that Cracovians used to cheer.

Saturday Mornings in the Museum are part of the Museum Means More programme, financedby the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund.

In Polish,for children 7 - 12 years of age.

A family ticket is 5 PLN

Tuesday, 27.03.2012

International Theatre Day

On the International Theatre Day we'd like to invite you to a play, which will take place on our scene.

More information is available on our website and on Facebook.

Friday, 30.03.2012

Museum After Dark

On the last Friday of every month, the Galicia Jewish Museum is open until 22.00.

Exhibitions, the Media Resource Centre and bookshop open all evening.     

18.00-22.00 - admission free
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