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European Heritage Days in Wieliczka Museum

The Cracow Saltworks Museum Wieliczka kindly invites you to participate in the European Heritage Days on 10-11 September 2011 (Saturday - Sunday) at 10.00 am - 5.00 pm, that will be held in the Saltwork Castle (Wieliczka, Zamkowa St. No. 8) and exhibition arranged in a salt mine. In the Polish presidency in the European Union, the event theme sounds “The Milestones” and refers to the contribution of the Republic of Poland in the development of Europe over the centuries. Wieliczka City, the place in which already 6000 years ago there was operated the oldest Neolithic saltworks in Europe (documented by archaeologists); where the tradition of salt mining is dated since the 13th century and lasting up to contemporary times, and the salt mine - as the object having unique value - on 1978 has been listed on UNESCO World Heritage List, involves a great contribution to this history. Nowadays Wieliczka makes the Republic of Poland famous over the world, and is recognized as a special tourist attraction. Coordinator of the European Heritage Days in Poland is the National Heritage Institute in Warsaw.
The Museum invites you to explore the exhibition arranged in a salt mine, with particular emphasis focused on the place and importance of Wieliczka in Europe - being the famous industry and tourist object visited since fifteenth century. The history presented in the exhibition shows the salt-works prehistory, history and technique of salt mining and extracting. Photography enthusiasts who want to participate in the International Competition titled “Colours of salt in Europe” are kindly invited for a photo session – “The salt caught with the lens”. The group of session participants will enter the salt mine at 11.30 am.

For reservations of visits to the salt mine museum and participation in photo session please call + Please kindly note that reservations are subject to availability.

We also invite you to visit the Saltwork Castle. In the courtyard of the castle you can participate in an interactive show, “The old-time salt-works”, with the event that involves filling the giant saltcellar with salt. A special attraction will be visiting the exhibition “Ceremonial & Decorated Arms” – we are convinced that precious stones: diamonds, sapphires, turquoise, ... .. and beautiful decorative motifs placed on the arms will draw your attention. Additionally, we recommend you to see the movies presenting the mine, you will also have the great opportunity to see how to coin the money, and last but not least, you will also have an unique opportunity to make a souvenir photo, on which you will appear as a Royal official in charge of salt mine (historical Salt Mine Administrator).


Museum Media Patrons: Dziennik Polski, Radio Kraków, TVP Kraków, TTG, Modny Kraków

European Heritage Days in Wieliczka Museum

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