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Summer Music Festival - Wieliczka 2011

The Cracow Saltworks Museum Wieliczka (co-organizer) and the Polish Strauss Society (organiser) would like to invite you to the 5th edition of the SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVAL – WIELICZKA 2011 between July 2 and 9. Similarly to previous years, we have prepared a very extensive programme, encompassing six unique concerts which will be presented in the most interesting locations of our mining town. Outstanding artists from Poland and abroad were invited to participate in this year’s Festival
5 th SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVAL - WiELICZKA 2011 2.07.2011– 9.07.2011

PROGRAMME: July 2, 2011 (Saturday), 7.00 p.m.: inauguration concert at the large courtyard of the Saltworks Castle; “The Charm of Gypsy Violin” performed by “Rajko” Gypsy orchestra from Budapest and Sylwia Lorens – soprano. Tickets can be purchased before the concert at the price of PLN 20.00. July 3, 2011 (Sunday), at 7.00 p.m. “Affair with Champagne” performed by Ewa Romaniak and Tadeusz Łomnicki and OBLIGATO Orchestra. Concert at the Alfons Długosz chamber in the underground exhibition area of the Cracow Saltworks Museum Wieliczka in the salt mine. Tickets can be purchased before the concert in the Tourist Service Centre at the price of PLN 30.00.

July 5, 2011 (Tuesday), at 7.00 p.m. Turówka Hotel**** ul. Żeromskiego 1. “Master’s Guitar Recital” performed by guitar virtuoso Jan Oberbek. Entrance: free of charge.

July 7, 2011 (Thursday), at 7.00 p.m.: “Sztygarówka” hall (seat of the Poviat Starosty in Wieliczka at ul. Dembowskiego 1). Concert “Four Seasons of the Year” performed by Krakowski Zespół Kameralny. Soloist: Marcin Markowicz (violin) Entrance: free of charge. July 8, 2011 (Friday), at 7.00 p.m.: “Warszawa” chamber in the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine. Concert “A Story of Unfulfilled Love” based on “The Phantom of the Opera” musical performed by artists of Roma Theatre from Warsaw. Tickets can be purchased before the concert at the Tourist Information Centre at the price of PLN 50.00.

July 9, 2011 (Saturday), at 7.00 p.m.: Upper Market Square in Wieliczka – finale concert. “Concert of Russian Songs” performed by OBLIGATO Orchestra and soloists: Bożena Zawiślak-Dolny, Anna Sroka, Witold Wrona, Jarosław Kitala, Piotr Pieron and Rewia IMPERIUM. Entrance: free of charge. Organizer: Polish Strauss Society Co-organizer: Cracow Saltworks Museum Wieliczka Partners: “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, Centre for Culture and Tourism, Wieliczka Poviat. Honorary patronage: Artur Kozioł: Wieliczka Mayor Wojciech Kozak: Deputy Marshall of the Małopolska Province Media patronage: Gazeta Krakowska, TVP Kraków, RMF Classic, Panorama Powiatu Wielickiego, KARNET Information, booking, sale of tickets: Tourist Service Centre: Wieliczka, Park Kingi 6, tel. No. +48 12 278 58 49 Filmotechnika (Pasaż Bielaka), Kraków, Main Market Square, tel. No. +48 12 422 89 45, +48 12 421 23 43 Cultural Information Centre, Kraków, ul. Św. Jana 2, tel. No. +48 12 421 17 87
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