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The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine – Tourist Route

The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine – Tourist Route

Wieliczka, ul. Daniłowicza 10

Public visiting hours: every day
Apr 1 to Oct 31 7:30 - 19:30
Nov 2 to Mar 31 8:00 – 17:00

With the exception of Jan 1, Easter Sunday, Nov 1 and Dec 24,25 and 31. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is the world's only mining operation functioning uninterrupted since the Middle Ages, and is one of Poland's best-known tourist attractions. In 1978 it was included on the first UNESCO list.

The mine has around 3,000 chambers connected by gangways with a total length of 300km. The tourist route leads through the part of the mine containing the most historically significant and visually spectacular works. The underground route, which is made up of more than 20 chambers, is visited by more than a million tourists each year. The route is about 2 km long, and stretches from level one (64 metres deep) to level three (135 m deep).

Walking along the mine's tunnels, one can admire the unique chambers with their traces of mining work, collection of original mining machinery and equipment, underground salt lakes and the chapels carved from salt with their exceptional salt sculptures and friezes, among them is the chapel of St. Kinga. The chapel situated 101 metres underground is the largest and richest underground shrine in the world, a masterpiece sculpted in the second half of  the nineteenth century. Its decor, for close to 100 years, has been created by miners sculptors. The chapel of St. Kinga is a kind of underground salt art gallery. Broad salt steps lead up to the chapel, upon reaching the top the chapel can be admired in all glory. Directly ahead is the main altar carved from salt with the statue of St. Kinga. The walls are decorated with relieves depicting scenes from the New Testament. Here is also found the only underground monument to John Paul II made from salt.

The historical salt chambers – the Warsaw, the Jan Haluszko, the Jan Haluszko II, Drodowice III and IV Chambers- enjoy tremendous interest among the organizers of conferences, symposiums, events, receptions, banquets, concerts, and business meetings.
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