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Along the Dunajec

Along the Dunajec

Nowy Sącz Castle

Nowy Sącz Castle, Kazimierz Wielkiego Street, beyond the crossroads at Legionów and Tarnowska streets. The castle grounds are permanently open to visitors; however, it is not possible to visit the walls and tower.

Tourist information
Tourist Information Centre for the Nowy Sącz Region, 2 ks. Skargi Street (ul. ks. Skargi 2)
tel.: 0048 18 4442422

Getting there
Take Road No. 4 out of Krakow, heading east to Brzesko, then follow Road 75 to the south. The city can also be reached by bus and train from Krakow.
At the edge of the Old Town in Nowy Sącz, in the fork of the Dunajec and the Kamienica River, there stretches a park where, between the trees, fragments of a wall and a tower can be glimpsed, along with remains of other buildings... these are the ruins of the ancient Nowy Sącz Castle. Nowy Sącz Castle was first built in the early 14th century, then extended by Kazimierz the Great. In the early 17th century, it was reconstructed in the Renaissance style by the Starostas of the Nowy Sącz region. The building was crowned in the Attic style and contained forty apartments. Unfortunately, a fire in the 18th century, followed by a flood in 1813, reduced the castle to a ruin. During the twenty years between the two world wars, a museum was run within the reconstructed edifice. During World War II, the German occupiers used it as an ammunition store and it was blown up, together with its contents, in 1945. After the war, small sections of the wall were rebuilt, as was Kowalski’s Tower, with a Renaissance, Attic finish. The foundations of the devastated castle can be seen nearby.

What else is worth seeing?
It is worth having a stroll in the vicinity of the old castle. There are any number of historical tenement houses and churches, as well as the District Museum, with its exhibition of the ancient art of the Nowy Sącz region and temporary history, cultural and art exhibitions. On the edge of the city, there is a branch of the Nowy Sącz Region Ethnographic Park.

District Museum, 3 Lwowska Street
tel.: 0048 18 4437708;

Nowy Sącz Ethnographic Park, 83b Długoszowskiego Street
tel.: 0048 18 4418191
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