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Niepołomice Museum in the Royal Castle

Niepołomice Museum in the Royal Castle

ul. Zamkowa 2

Public visiting hours:
every day 10:00 – 18:00
The seat of the Niepołomice Museum, founded in 2002, is the Royal Castle in Niepołomice built on a foundation laid by Kazimierz the Great in the mid fourteenth century. The castle was a royal residence, called "the second Wawel" and had a defensive function. Royal assemblies and courts were held here and in the nearby primeval forest the hunting took place. Privileges also were dispensed, and envoys were granted audiences here. King Władysław Jagiełło, for whom the Niepołomice Forest was reminiscent of the groves of Lithuania, made this his hunting lodge. During the reigns of Zygmunt the Old and Zygmunt August in the sixteenth century, it was rebuilt in the Renaissance style, and Queen Bona's famous gardens were planted here. Today, the Museum welcomes visitors to the Gothic and Renaissance cellars, royal chambers with their collections of hunting and fishing trophies, and above all to see the lovely, harmonic architecture of the Renaissance interiors and cloisters. Unique royal and Papal documents, along with objects of sacral art can be seen in the castle chapel. The permanent museum exhibit is entitled “Exposition of Hunting Trophies”, which features animals and birds that inhabit the Niepołomice Forest, as well as exotic and local hunting trophies and hunting equipment. A collection of local folk art is also to be seen, alongside artistic handcrafts in the Regional Chamber. The city of Niepołomice is temporary facilitating the collections of the National Museum in Krakow, in exposition spaces in the Royal Castle, formerly a residence of the Piast and Jagiellonian royal families. From 17 February 2007 to 31 January 2010, „The Gallery of nineteenth Century Polish Art” was hosted in the Royal Castle, having been transferred from the Krakow’s Sukiennice. The project was entitled “The Sukiennice in Niepołomice". A continuation of the exposition will open soon under the title "Sukiennice in Niepołomice - Part II".
  • Program regionalny
  • województwo maloposkie
  • Unia Europejska
The following Project is cofinanced by the European Union under the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme for the years 2007 – 2013