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Historical Museum of the Municipality of Krakow

Historical Museum of the Municipality of Krakow

Krzysztofory Palace

ul. Rynek Główny 35

Public visiting hours:
during summer season (May – October)
Wednesday - Sunday 10:00 – 17:30


during winter season (November – April)
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9:00 - 16:00
Thursday 11:00 – 18:00

The Historical Museum of the City of Krakow is among the oldest museums in Poland that is dedicated to documenting the history and culture of a city. It assembles collections of objects associated with material culture, political and economic events, the arts, and the traditions and customs of the city of Krakow. The Krzysztofory Palace — the seat of the Museum — is one of the city’s most beautiful and impressive urban palaces. The construction of the palace began in the seventeenth century as a result of combining Gothic townhouses located on the corner of the Main Square and today's ul. Szczepańska.

Its collections cover Krakow’s iconography, crafts and trade, everyday life and important cultural and political events relics. A separate gallery displays the collection of weapons used to defend the city walls and arms used in national uprisings. The thousands of items of the photographic collection, from daguerreotypes and glass negatives from the studio of Ignacy Krieger to contemporary photographs are priceless. Separate are the collections of the Judaica, theatrical items, medals, coins, furniture, costumes and clothing as well as nativity scenes, souvenirs, tools and printing and bookbinding machines. The museum also is a caretaker and cultivator of Krakow’s traditions and customs.

The most representative hall of the Krzysztofory Palace, which is also one of the most fabulous preserved ball rooms of old Krakow, the Balthazar Fontana room, with its plafond ceiling, created by this renowned seventeenth-century Italian sculptor and moulding-maker, and produced using the stucco method. The Fontana Hall also houses a gallery of portraits of distinguished Cracovians: the oldest date from the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

One attraction for the Museum’s guests is a tour of the Krzysztofory Palace's temporary exhibits with the participation of the museum's curators. This could include a guided tour of the exhibition of traditional Cracovian nativity scenes, combined with a concert of Christmas carols by local singer Anna Szałapak, who has cared for the nativity scenes for many years.
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